1. The quality of the green bean

100% Arabica? Of course. And, only AAA quality Arabica for that matter. At 4th Avenue, we simply refuse to compromise the quality of our blend by adding any Robusta or low-grade coffee, an attitude that will never change. We are driven by passion, not profit.

2. The secret blend 
It’s a secret. Fabled. Even magical.
I’m not meant to say any more than that.
Ok, fine. You’ve convinced me.

We throw in coffees from South America, a few from Africa, and poof: a unique, unrivaled deliciousness that no one else has ever managed to produce. Obviously, we can’t give away the exact details – it’s a taste exclusive to 4th Avenue. Our trade secret. You won’t get anything quite the same anywhere else.

3. Boutique-style, hand roasting

This is where the magic really happens. Our pink Diedrich roaster and legendary roasters, combine to perform an act that Houdini would be proud of. They drop the green beans at the top. They look through the heavenly peephole. And voilà! Deliciousness.

4. Perfection in preparation

Like having a Lamborghini and not knowing how to drive – having freshly roasted, premium quality coffee without a champion barista is futile. Enchanted roasting is only half the battle. To round off the show, our magical men are back for act number two. This time our passionate roasters line up at the hand-made Elektra coffee machine. Armed with a portafilter and a pitcher, the show begins. The machine surges. The milk wand whines. The pitcher swirls and bangs. The show is over. Legendary.

For your home:

1KG House Blend – R295

500g House Blend – R170

250g House Blend – R95Coffee Pods (Nespresso Compatible) – R95